Parish Council
  • Responsibilities:
  • Village amenities, Greens, Commons, Street Lighting and Allotments. In addition, the Parish Council consults with other authorities over a number of matters such as planning, licensing and conservation.
  • Members:
  • There are 9 members elected for four years.
  • Chairman:
  • Tim Hubbard
  • Vice Chairman:
  • Neil Patrick
  • Meetings:
  • 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month in the Village Hall. The public are always welcome at the meetings.

  • Parish Clerk:
  • Amy Hart
  • Tel:
  • 07815 430 777
  • Email:

  • If you have any matter you would like to raise at a meeting of the Parish Council, please email the Parish Clerk at ten days before any Parish Council meeting.

    Please also contact the Clerk if you notice something around the village and wish to report it:
    • A faulty streetlight.
    • Any overflowing public waste bin, bottle or paper bank.
    • Any recent deep pothole (email a photo).
    • Blocked drains on public roads.
    • Overgrown public footpaths.
    • Uncut hedges impeding public footways.
    • Tree branches snagging overhead electricity or telephone cables on public roads.
    • Vehicles parking overnight on the village Greens.
    • Damage to Greens/verges/kerbs by careless HGVs or tractors/trailers (+ registration number).
    • Fly tipping and excessive litter.
    • Damage to South Acre Ford banks by 4 x 4 (+ registration number).
    • General vandalism/damage to signs, noticeboards, bus shelter.
    • Disturbance from Drones - download info PDF.

  • Contact details for all councillors are listed here.

Parish Council Agenda & Minutes
Parish Council News Updates

Parish Clerk

Amy Hart
Tel: 07815 430777



Parish Councillors

Laurie Fisher
Tel: 01760 755 420

Neil Patrick
Tel: 07796 141025

Sean Allen
Tel: 01760 755 430

Tim Hubbard
Tel: 01760 755 699

Liam Manson
Tel: 01760 755 883

Andy Collins
Tel: 07511 298 204

Ilga Chakrabarti

Borough Councillor